Country Music Picks ofthe Week

I have taken to listening to the country station even when I’m not in school.  There are a couple songs that I genuinely like, and occasionally they play the classics.  Some that I find quite shocking though, and worthy of review, are those following:

Randy Houser- “Boots On”.  This one is another example of a song proving just how COUNTRY this guy is, but I guess the only reason it really sticks out to me is that it took me about two weeks to realise what he was talking about when he says “Copenhagen Ring” in his “dirty old jeans”.  My husband has recently enlightened me to the plethora of dipping videos on Youtube, and honestly dipping is something I kind of forgot about after 11th grade when all the WT kids from Garden City would spend period after period with their faces attached to a soda can, nursing their habit.  My teeth ache just thinking about it.

Tim Mcgraw-“Down on the Farm”: I like how at the end of the video a simple farm party has turned into an event larger in scale and production than any evening out at a bar in NYC.  And by “like” I mean, I think it’s dumb.  Also, the beginning, where you see a bunch of tanned, strapping young folks joyfully tossing party supplies out of the back of a truck and riding together on a plow? I tensed up just watching it.  If there is a Hell for me, that would be it.

Jake Owen: “8 Second Ride”: I actually like the sound of this song-but once the lyrics come it, it’s all downhill.  A shame really, because Jake Owens has a pleasant voice, rich and deep, and is a good-looking guy to boot.   Then I watched the video just now while looking it up.  Christ, WHO is making these second-rate videos?  I mean, let me get this straight.  A teenager is wearing a child-sized pleather jacket in the middle of a humid summer day in some god forsaken swamp area and pants that scream yeast infection, yet she manages to strut into a bar like it’s totally natural?  And the “ride” that they take doesn’t, in fact, look the least bit wild to me.  In fact, aside from the seizure-inducing strobe light, it looks like a very tame love-making session.  If I were directing this video, they’d be riding that truck over mud piles and into ditches while she shotguns beer out of a PBR can. Topless.  Plus I would’ve recruited a model older than…twelve.  Just sayin’.  Also, my favorite part is where he tells her to climb on up but mind the cup where he’ll be spittin’ his dip tonight.

Miranda Lambert: “White Liar”-I actually really, really like this song.  I guess my favorite country is when a female vocalist is involved, judging by my love for Dolly, Dixie Chicks, and Holly Go Lightly.   I listen to this song on my school commute several times/day, and I adore her accent.  I imagine her lips and teeth forming all the words around a glass marble in her mouth.  A cursory search online tells me she’s from Texas.  Too bad, AGAIN, the video is crap, but I really like the song.

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