And now for something completely different.

While taxidermy is my main squeeze, I have several mistresses.  I’d like to believe they all somehow relate to one another but to articulate that at this point would be impossible, so I’ll just let them all exist for now, independently of one another.  I will say this, however: I am drawn to rituals.  Whether it’s daily (stretching and facersize among the many habits I practice 365 times a year), weekly or monthly, I relish in rituals.  I feel like sharing this one with you now; I’d like to say it is weekly but when it all shakes out, the kombucha brewing time tends to fall every 7-10 days, depending on the temperature.

I like brewing kombucha because I am hooked on the stuff, and to buy enough to support my fix would require a new tax bracket and complimentary back braces for the guys who collect my recycling.  Plus I’m a control freak so I can make it exactly how I like without placing my taste buds in the hands of some gross corporation.

A friend of mine recently brought up the topic of legacies, and what we leave behind.  I am clueless as to what I could ever pass on or leave for those to remember me by but it did remind me of my kombucha culture, which I’ve been using since 2005.  I got her as the offspring from a friend who got hers from I don’t know where, and since then my baby has produced hundreds of babies.  The thought that she will be around years after I’m dead and rotted, still making offspring, is a marvel to me.  It’s as if I’m just one handler in the eternal lifespan of this blob.

Anyway, here’s a short little video:


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