Charmed Life

Here’s a short sweet little post about a few talon charms I made the last week. All are chickens sourced from my favorite farm in Schoharie  New York.

This Foot is clutching a wooden Saint charm gifted to me by a friend whom I know through Bailey, one half of the Farmer’s Husband. (Side note- I was mentally composing a list in my head today of all the people I have to thank for my blazed taxidermy trail and it’s astounding how each one is connected how we are all connected but that’s a post for another day).  I’m not sure what saint is represented here but I think it looks so much like Dora the Explorer that I just named it after her:

Accentuated with soft ducking hide:


Another gift from this friend was a horse shoe charm bracelet.  Hence:

FYI: For anyone who doesn’t already know this, horseshoes should always be kept in the is direction so your luck won’t run out.


Remember Miss. Hannigan from Annie?  I imagine her wearing this:

Sorry that picture is so terrible; clearly I do not poses my husband’s camera skills.  Here’s a better one:


Something I’ve been wanting to make use of is this mini watering can:

It won’t pour water but you can stash your drugs diamonds in there!

As usual, if any of these strike your fancy don’t hesitate to contact me.


And that’s been post.



One thought on “Charmed Life

  1. Hello! Your work is absolutely beautiful!

    I wanted to reach out because I’m currently producing a film entitled, DEAD ZOO. After visiting a bar in Canada and seeing a pair of taxidermy tigers fighting, I began working on the screenplay that would eventually become DEAD ZOO. It depicts a world where Bodies and Machines merge. A prosthetic love story about what it means to be human, and what it means to be alive. Now, I’m finally making this film – you can check out the full synopsis, concept art photos/video and crew here:

    We have an Oscar-nominated 3D character artist working on the 3D graphics! We also have a myriad of CRAZY perks for contributing, including your own taxidermy animal!!

    Please take a peak and pass the word. Thank you!

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