When Rabbits Fly

Techinically this little guy did not take to the air.  He was ground shipped to one of my favorite clients recently but he probably could’ve flown if he wanted to.

Full slight left

Meet Regasus, or Jayne, the flying Lionhead rabbit.  All animal parts for this piece were sourced from my friends up on the (now new!) farm at The Farmer’s Husband.

left wing


This was my first experience with a Lionhead rabbit; it’s still unbelievable to me that nature makes these creatures; just knowing they exist is like a year round birthday present.  Look at that face!

face left



In my mind this rabbit was a sweet dandy; the type who wouldn’t be caught dead in public without a pocket square.  Or a gem and pearl encrusted neck piece.









I threw in the Monroe piercing just for fun.    Wouldn’t yo love to hang out with this little dude?  I’m sure he knows where to get eh best Manhattans in town.




He’s also punctual.  Here he will perch eternally, on this antique clock house minding the time….

full front


Many thanks to my beloved and loyal client who dreamed up this commission in the first place!



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